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April 4, 2016

Meet TICRA at EuCAP2016

EuCAP 2016 will take place in Davos, Switzerland, on 10-15 April 2016. This year TICRA will be Gold Sponsor and we look forward to meeting you in booth 46 to meet our  authors, presenters and take a look at our exhibition. 

As usual we contribute to the event with numerous presentations on the latest developments and results. 

Monday p.m.: 

Session A44: Optimisation methods

"Optimization Procedure for Wideband Matched Feed Design"

Michael Palvig (Technical University of Denmark & TICRA, Denmark); Erik Jørgensen and Peter Meincke (TICRA, Denmark); Olav Breinbjerg (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)

Tuesday a.m.:

Session CS12a: Bridging the simulations measurements gap: state-of-the-art

"Measurements and Simulations Correlation of High Reliability Reflector Antenna"

Maria Alberica Saporetti and Lars Foged (Microwave Vision Italy, Italy); Manuel Sierra Castañer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain); Erik Jørgensen (TICRA, Denmark); Torben Voigt (Altair FEKO, Germany); Alain Michel (Ansys France, France); Davide Tallini (Computer Simulation Technology, CST GmbH, Germany); Branko Kolundzija (University of Belgrade, Serbia); Martin Böttcher (IMST GmbH, Germany); Andreas Wien (IMST, Germany); Mario Orefice and Gianluca Dassano (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Jose Manuel Serna (IGN Spain, Spain); Giorgio Giordanengo (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella & Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

Session CS06b: AMTA/EurAPP Post Processing Techniques in Antenna Measurements

"Near Field 3D Reconstruction of the Search and Rescue Antennas on the GALILEO Satellite"

Cecilia Cappellin (TICRA, Denmark); Luca Salghetti Drioli (European Space AgencyESTEC, The Netherlands)

Tuesday p.m.: 

Session A37: Reflectarrays and transmitarrays II

"MultiSpot Beam Reflectarrays for Satellite Telecommunication Applications in Ka Band"

Min Zhou and Stig Sørensen (TICRA, Denmark)

Wednesday a.m.: 

Session CS02a: Advances in Commercial Electromagnetic Simulation Tools

"New Analysis Capabilities for Electrically Large Antennas and Platforms"

Erik Jørgensen, Oscar Borries, Peter Meincke and Min Zhou (TICRA, Denmark); Niels Vesterdal (Ticra, Denmark)

CS33: AMTA/EurAPP Session, Satellite and Aerospace Antenna Measurements

"Fullwave Optimization of Large Compact Antenna Test Ranges"

Oscar Borries, Erik Jørgensen, Peter Meincke and Hans Henrik Viskum (TICRA, Denmark)

Thursday a.m.:

Session A24: Frequency and polarization selective surfaces

"Design and Analysis of a Reflector Antenna System Based on Doubly Curved Circular Polarization Selective Surfaces"

Cecilia Cappellin (TICRA, Denmark); Daniel Sjöberg and Andreas Ericsson (Lund University, Sweden); Peter Balling (ASC, Antenna Systems Consulting ApS, Denmark); Giampiero Gerini (TNO  Defence, Security and Safety, The Netherlands); Nelson Fonseca and Peter de Maagt (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)