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November 2, 2015

POS 6.1 released

The latest POS release introduces a feature that has been in demand among our customers for a long time: the ability to model a shaped reflector with cut-out regions. These are typically mandated by mechanical constraints rather than being electrically desirable. For example, to make room for a hold-down mechanism it may be necessary to cut a hole on the shaped reflector. Such action may have detrimental impact on the antenna pattern if not accounted for during the RF design phase. 

Example of a contoured-beam reflector with highly irregular rim shape and cut-out regions

One of the challenges has been to implement a new integration routine, since a requirement of the former was the existence of an interior point from where any point on the edge was visible. This limitation is no longer there - GRASP users may want to know that this feature will also be available in the next GRASP release.

This release of POS also takes the opportunity to introduce a number of features, that have been available in the later releases of GRASP, for example the use of real-valued variables - not for optimization but for use in expressions of any real-valued attribute, for example “5*sin(2*a)/x^2”, where the value of a and x can be set elsewhere. 

POS customers with an active technical support and maintenance contract will receive the update and a detailed release note.