Combined Optimisation of Reflector and Feed Systems


In an on-going TICRA/ESA activity new capabilities for GRASP are being developed. These will enable analysis and optimisation of reflector and feed systems in the final operational environment without resorting to dividing the system into subcomponents such as reflector, feed, feed network, etc. and analysing these with individual, non-interacting softwares. By analysing the components of the reflector and feed system with fast dedicated analysis methods suitable for optimisation a rigorous solution of the entire feed chain can be obtained by suitably combining generalised scattering matrices of the components. The tight integration of these techniques with GRASP’s existing reflector analysis capabilities allows entire feed/reflector systems to be analysed, including the coupling between the feeds and the reflectors. The addition of the optimisation capability thus, for example, allows direct optimisation of the antenna secondary pattern.

38th ESA Antenna Workshop
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


Niels Vesterdal
Senior Engineer
Erik Jørgensen
Chairman of the Board, Software Division Manager
Peter Meincke
Senior Engineer
Co Authored by: 
Massimiliano Simeoni
Benedetta Fiorelli