Design and Validation of Compact Antenna Test Ranges using Computational EM


The design of modern Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATRs) is a challenging task, and to achieve strong performance, simulation using computational electromagnetics is a vital part of the design process. However, the large electrical size, geometrical complexity and high accuracy requirements often mean that the available computer resources are not sufficient for running the simulation. In the present paper, we highlight some recent developments that allow for much larger, faster and more accurate simulations than was possible just a few years ago, and apply them to realistic ranges. The conclusion is clear: Modern software tools allow designers of CATRs to achieve better performance in shorter time than was previously possible.

Proc. AMTA 37th Annual Meeting
Long Beach, California


Oscar Borries
Research Engineer
Peter Meincke
Senior Engineer
Erik Jørgensen
Chairman of the Board, Software Division Manager
Hans-Henrik Viskum
Director of Business Development
Frank Jensen
Senior Research Engineer
Co Authored by: 
C. H. Schmidt, Airbus Defence & Space, Munich, Germany