Detailed Pattern Computations of the UHF Antennas on the Spacecraft of the ExoMars Mission


This paper describes the pattern computations of the UHF antennas mounted on the spacecraft of the EXOMARS mission. The analyses are made by the higher-order Method of Moments (MoM) add-on to GRASP and are computed twice. In the first computation, the spacecraft is modelled by perfect electrically conducting plates, properly connected by the user to each other and to the UHF antennas. This is how the problem has been solved until recently by an experienced user of GRASP. In the second computation, the detailed spacecraft geometry is imported into GRASP as a CAD file, and is automatically meshed without any requirements for the mesh connectivity.

Proc. EuCAP'2015
Lisbon, Portugal


Cecilia Cappellin
Consultancy Division Manager
Erik Jørgensen
Chairman of the Board, Software Division Manager
Peter Meincke
Senior Engineer
Oscar Borries
Research Engineer
Co Authored by: 
C. Nardini
C. Dreyer