Full-Wave and Multi-GTD Analysis of the Ice Cloud Imager for MetOp-SG


We report an RF study at 50 GHz of the Ice Cloud Imager, consisting of a parabolic reflector inside a semiclosed sun shield, as obtained with full-wave method of moments (MoM) and the asymptotic high-frequency multi-geometrical theory of diffraction (Multi-GTD) method. The Multi-GTD results accurately reproduce details of the main beam and sidelobes originating from focusing, but fail to predict other parts of the pattern that are due to a large number of scattering events inside the semi-closed sun shield. MoM results at the half and double frequency (25 and 100 GHz) show that the parts of the pattern that are not well described by Multi-GTD, but still within the dynamic MoM range, remain at the same overall level as the frequency is varied.

Proc. EuCAP 2017, 11th European Conference on Antenna and Propagation
Paris, France


Per Heighwood Nielsen
Senior Engineer
Cecilia Cappellin
Consultancy Division Manager
Co Authored by: 
David Marote Alvarez, Marc Bergada, Raquel Gonzalez, Peter de Maagt