High-Performance Curved Contoured Beam Reflectarrays with Reusable Surface for Multiple Coverages


An investigation of curved contoured beam reflectarrays with reusable surface for multiple coverages is presented. The main advantage of curved reflectarrays over shaped reflectors is that they allow the possibility of reusing a standard parabolic mold for multiple missions. To demonstrate this, two curved reflectarrays are designed using the direct optimization technique to fulfill the requirements of two contoured beam missions in both transmit and receive frequency bands for dual linear polarization. The two reflectarrays use the same curved surface, f/D, dimension, and feed, and by changing the reflectarray element pattern, two completely different coverages can be produced while maintaining a performance that is comparable to that of the shaped reflector.

Proc. EuCAP 2017, 11th European Conference on Antenna and Propagation
Paris, France


Min Zhou
Senior Engineer
Stig Busk Sørensen
Senior Engineer
Rolf Jørgensen
Senior Engineer
Oscar Borries
Research Engineer
Erik Jørgensen
Chairman of the Board, Software Division Manager
Co Authored by: 
Giovanni Toso