TICRA provides software within the following categories:

Reflector analysis

Feed design

Reflector shaping



Satellite service planning

TICRA’s software is used worldwide by the most prominent companies in the antenna industry, from huge enterprises through universities and space organizations, to one-man consultancies. This widespread usage is one of the best testimonials to the software, and is supported by numerous references in the open scientific literature.

Whether it is the directivity and co- and cross-polar sidelobe pattern of a given antenna that is sought, or the design of a horn or reflector system to meet prescribed templates for the radiation, TICRA have the software to solve it. If the radiation is measured, there are tools to process the data through advanced algorithms.

All TICRA software is developed with specific points in mind:

  • Accuracy – to meet the challenging requirements of space applications
  • Versatility – being capable of doing many things competently
  • Flexibility – only your imagination should set the limits for what the software can be used for
  • Speed – let’s admit it, doing complex things takes time. Being a bit more clever in the numerical implementation pays off.

Most of our software supports interactive as well as batch-mode operation.