DIATOOL Antenna diagnostics



DIATOOL reconstructs the extreme near-field and surface currents of an antenna under test (AUT), based on the radiated field measured in anechoic chambers. The reconstruction is performed on an arbitrary surface conformal to the AUT or on a plane in the extreme near-field region. 


  • Identification of array element failure, surface errors, feeding network and radome imperfections, leaking cables and unexpected bright spots, all of  which cause unexpected anomalies in the radiation pattern
  • Filtering of undesired radiation:

    Computation of clean antenna patterns where  currents on cables, mounting fixture or selected areas of the reconstruction surface are suppressed - essential for measurements of small antennas
  • Enhancement of measured patterns:

    Compute noise-free patterns radiated by the reconstructed currents - the conformal reconstruction surface acts as a physics-based filter that includes the shape of the AUT