License schemes

We offer a variety of license schemes to suit the customer best possible. Licenses are controlled by means of a software protection  dongle, currently HASP4 from SafeNet Inc.

  • Single-seat licenses – enable you to run the software on the computer where the dongle is present. It is the least expensive license type, but does not imply a discount if more licenses are purchased. A single-seat license is for Windows® only.
  • Floating licenses – users can share a fixed number of licenses on the company’s network, where one machine acts as license server. A discount is given on multiple licenses, and the discount escalates up to the fifth license. Floating licenses may offer a mixture of several supported platforms.
  • Premium license – unlimited concurrent use license. This is ideal for large enterprises, and covers all supported platforms.


The installation and use of any software from TICRA is subject to an End User License Agreement: